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AS/ISO Registered Contract
Manufacturing • ISO 9001 + AS9100

Metal Finishing Services

Whether it is grinding and sanding a fabricated sheet metal weldment or the precision deburring of a CNC machine component, our skilled craftworkers can provide the cosmetic appearances you have come to expect with your products. Utilizing both handheld and automated deburring equipment we will make your precision machined and fabricated components stand out from the competition’s.

In addition to mechanical finishing we also have onsite vibratory finishing, tumbling and clean lines.

Through one of our affiliated companies and our approved subcontractors we also provide automated powder coating, wet paint, anodizing, passivation and heat treating.


Deburring, Sanding, and Polishing

  • DiscMaster 4TD-1000 Loewer Deburring Machine
  • DM 1100C NS Maquinas Edge Rounding Machine
  • Timesavers Model CS180 – 24” wide, wet operation, with optional sanding head
  • Timesavers 37″ Belt Surface Finishing Machine
  • 9 cu. ft. Vibratory Deburring Machine
  • Tumblers
  • Cabinet enclosed sand blasters
Metal finishing